DCCI - 2008 Fall Fling

SeminarFALL FLING~~~~ The Dickinson Cattle Company Annual Fall Fling generally hits on the first Saturday of October.  The vintage Ohio Fall foliage is either right in it's prime royal colors or getting close.  Clients and guests of DCCI are invited for a fun filled, educational day of friendship and good food. 
Things that happen include a "How to photograph your cattle", "How to "Interpret pedigrees", presentation by Darol Dickinson.  Other things include "Teu" ranch tours of the cattle pastures featuring Super Fast, Over Kill and Win Win, great Linda Dickinson barbeque brisket, castration demonstrations, branding calves, tail bleeding, preg checking, trimming cattle feet, training steers to ride, horn measuring "Tempter", and information about developing a lean beef marketing program.
It is great for Longhorn people to enjoy this effort, but some just can't get their trucks to make it from Wasilla, Glen Rose, Cleveland, Perry, Monument, Gettysburg and Crawford.  That is a great loss.  
For you who can't get a baby sitter, your parole leg band won't allow out of town trips, and no one is trustworthy to guard the still; we understand. Here is a photo tour of the event. 

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