Belltec Drilling Machine

Note: We highly endorse Belltec Drilling Machines, but are no longer a dealer for this product.

Just A Hole In The Ground

In 1963, I was building a training arena with a borrowed post hole digger. On the first hole, in hard dry ground it wasn´t going down. We put a big long pipe through the top side of the auger and I put all my weight on it. Then it happened. As the tractor roared, little greasy pieces of steel bearing pens blew all over the dirt pile. By the time I paid the repairs and replaced all the greasy little parts I was to half the purchase price on a borrowed digger. No hole was completed. I had to dig it by hand.

Over the years I´ve worn out, broken and repaired tractor powered post hole diggers. We have snapped off augers, shear bolts and even one near serious accident.

The Ohio area is serious limestone strata for fence construction. Once in Ohio it was obvious our old post hole digging program was no good.

DCCI acquired a 4500 lb. down pressure hydraulic auger/digger. For the first time we saw post holes go 48" deep by 12" around in minutes. This hydraulic down pressure digger fits on most tractors from 28 to 100 H.P. with remote hydraulics. It mounts easily on category 1,2, and 3 three point lift tractors.

Here at DCCI its easy to see the 32 miles of new fence construction. The layers of limestone, shale and sand stone has forced us to learn important lessons about post hold diggers. Our fence corners are all railroad ties and they are set in the rock.

Until we learned about the down pressure drills, fence construction was a nightmare.

We´re so sold, we´re now marketing this serious unit. Did I say it will drill through concrete, rock, dry hard dirt and phone lines. (We won´t make that mistake again.)

The auger business end is made of 3/4" thick double flighted boring heads, 3/8" flighting and replaceable carbide bullet teeth. Their heavy duty dirt/rock augers have 3/8" flighting, replaceable forged teeth, a cast boring head, and a replaceable fishtail pilot. I love the way these eat right through rock. You will love to own one if you build fence in hard rock country.

If you are fed-up with light weight diggers and want to make a change, call DCCI. We will ship your new Belltec Digger with as little as 3 days delivery time. You and your wife will enjoy digging post holes as a family relaxation. There will be holes all over your pasture just for the fun of it. Call for prices and information. This is a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment or DCCI would not be associated with it.


Belltec Industries TM48 Drilling Machine mounts easily on three point tractors over 28 horsepower which have at least two hydraulic remote valves. Our machine's design and performance go way beyond today's tractor mounted post hole diggers.

Our unique system transforms a three-point tractor into a drilling machine capable of doing what the big truck rigs do; drill accurate, straight holes (to a depth of 5 1/2' on a single auger) in almost any drilling conditions including solid rock and concrete.

If drilling holes is a problem for you, we have the solution. Whether it be hard dry ground, rocky soil or solid rock, WE CAN DRILL IT!


FRAME-GUIDED AUGER SYSTEM: Twin Hydraulic cylinders connect the Frame-Guided Auger System auger carriage to the mainframe of the machine. The cylinders move the carriage up and down the mainframe slides. Adjustable feet on the mainframe may be leveled manually or hydraulically. Because the auger is guided into the ground by the mainframe, as long as the mainframe is straight and the carriage is level, the machine will drill straight holes. The hydraulic cylinders are directly connected to the Gear Drive - Auger Carriage without any leverage or linkage. This gives much better control over the auger in rocks, roots or soft ground. If the cylinders are moved 1", so is the auger. Movement is not multiplied by leverage of slack in a linkage. A person is much less likely to corkscrew the auger through a root or in soft ground. More complete control over the auger



GEAR DRIVE: The auger is powered by a heavy duty gearbox with a 2" Gear Drive splined output shaft. The gearbox is protected by an automatic torque limiter within the P.T.O. shaft which instantly relieves torque when overloaded and automatically resets itself as soon as P.T.O. speed is reduced. This eliminates troublesome shear pins and down time because of broken P.T.O. shafts and cross kits.

DOWN PRESSURE: Utilizing the tractor's weight through these unique Locking Arms patented Locking Arms, up to 4500# down pressure can be supplied by opposing patented twin hydraulic cylinders. THIS ELIMINATES THE NEED FOR ANYONE "TO RIDE" THE MACHINE RISKING INJURY. Pressure is controlled by an adjustable relief valve.

REAR SAFETY SHIELD: Allows operator to back into existing fence for mending or installing new fence while the old fence is still in place.

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