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Texas Longhorn Links:

Longhorns In Denmark - Contact Peter Hoejer
Arrowhead Cattle Co.
Dalgood Longhorns
Dickinson Cattle Co., Inc.
Double Helix - Longhorn Genetics
Fourwind Cattle Co.
Gallery Of Horns
International Texas Longhorn Association
Longhorn Information
Longhorn Tours
Ohio River Valley TL Assn.
Prairie Bluff Cattle Company
Quail Ridge Ranch
Brand RDH Longhorns
Star Creek Ranch
Sundown Ranch
YO Ranch

General Cattle Links:

AgrDirect Home Page
Agri Marketing(Good resources)
Ag Works OnLineBeef Cattle Site
Beef Cattle Resources
Bovine Engineering & Consulting
Buelingo Cattle at DCCI
Cattle.DE (German Cattle Site)
Cattle Network
Cattle Pages
Cattle Today
Eat Wild - Grassfed Beef Benefits
Elite Farmer
Net Vet
OSUCattle Breeds
VirtualVeterinary Center - martindale's Health Science Guide
Waterford AgriculturalFencing

Watusi Cattle Links:

Ankole-Watusi International Registry
BlackWalnut Springs Exotics
Diamond G Ranch
Ingemar the Watusi Riding Bull
GilbertsBar G Ranch
La Dorada Watusi's
OklahomaState - Watusi Page
Liars Lake
World Watusi Association

BueLingo Cattle Links:

Buelingo Cattle Society
Midwest BuelingoCattle Association

Working Cattle Dogs:

Catahoula Leopard Stock Dogs

Western Sites:

Longhorns Head to Tail
Rodeo Steak house
Western Today

Computer Programs for Design and website, etc:

Dream Weaver - Website Builder
InDesign - Desktop Publishing Program for Newsletters
Cute FTP - My favorite FTP Client
Photoshop - Scan and edit photographs
Sony Vegas - Fantastic Video Editor
Thumbs Plus - The best thumbnail viewer

Unrelated Links:

Internet Movie Database
Longhorn Hideaway
My Recipes (Online recipes)
Rocky Mountain Jack Russell Terrier Network
Jack Russell Terrier Official Site

National ID System for Livestock:

USDA Launches National Animal ID Site
Why You Should Oppose NAIS

Radio Frequendy ID tags (RFID):

NH: Approves 'Tracking Device'
List of Cattle
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