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In the last few years many people have enjoyed purchasing young Texas Longhorn steer calves at weaning time, which is about six to eight months of age. Young Texas Longhorns are very easy to work with, halter train and develop into a backyard pet. Some people are training them to pull with an ox yoke, others are breaking them to ride and still others just want to raise good quality Texas Longhorns. On both the DCCI price sheet and video presentations numerous beautiful young Longhorns are available for purchase. The young ones are easy to haul, and quick to adapt to a new home. People with one or two pretty heifers can purchase Texas Longhorn frozen semen and raise quality stock in years to come. These young calves come in every color of the rainbow, black, speckled, brindles, gold, grullo, chocolate, dun and every color of red you could imagine. Some are pintos, some are roans and some are solids. The whole spectrum of Texas Longhorn color is often the prettiest herd plan. Some very fancy young heifers are also available. Give us a call to raise your own herd.
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