Ardith Bruce

Ardith Bruce 11327


Ardith Bruce was World Champion Barrel Racing in 1964. This is Ardith and her great horse Shaws Kingwood Snip. Prior to 1964 my Dad (Frank Dickinson) had watched this horse when he was owned by Ralph Tuschette of Lamar, CO. Dad loved the way this horse dropped his hocks in the dirt to grab and spin. Dad thought this horse was a great athlete and envisioned him as a really great barrel horse. Problem was, he liked to buck. Ralph knew the horse had a lot of talent, but he had too much talent in the high diving category. "Red" as Ardith called him actually bucked off a number of good hands. With Dad's encouraging Ardith bought Red and the rest was history. Red had no idea he had met his match until it happened with a little lady who had no fear and wasn't worried about pain. The first month Red was at his new home he never had any idea of the miles that were going to go on his speedometer. Ardith was such a determined jockey there was no time to buck any more. In a few months Red had more miles on him than a fleet of Greyhound buses, and had seen every arena west of Ohio. Ardith if I have any of this wrong let me know and I will change it.




Author: Darol Dickinson