Moolah Bux 11332

Moolah Bux

When the first Moolah Bux runners hit the QH tracks I was commissioned to go to southern California and take a series of photos of him. He was a very big gentle horse at an all TB farm. I was only given one handler for the photo shoot. The fellow was very nice and really loved MB, but when I got there he was heavy on the sauce. It was a wreck. A good guy, a wonderful horse and short handed. Ideal would be an ear person, a handler, a foot mover and me. This nice old fellow was so drunk, but he had patience and kept working for hours with his disability. MB was a very likeable horse. Later on I did a painting of him for a different owner in Indiana, which was never paid for. I would sure like to get it back if anyone knows where it is?

Author: Darol Dickinson
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