Tommy Manion

Tommy Manion 11333


In the sixties and seventies I traveled the nation and Canada photographing top horseflesh for promotion. Many times I worked for Tommy Manion. I would go to wherever he was at the time and photograph his show string for perhaps a dozen or more clients. This photo was Tommy and Chris at the Illinois State Fair Grounds. He leased a row of stalls and arena facilities for his training and show program and we had to take horses out to the infield of the race track for a clean background. It was quite a walk. Pretty soon I just stayed in the infield and Tommy rode back and forth with new horses as we needed them. This and similar illustrations are in my book PHOTOGRAPHING LIVESTOCK which sold out 6 printings. We still have a few old used books that we sell in the LHTT Store. The information is all still correct except the reference to camera equipment is totally different today than the book. Although there are some great stories about George Tyler, stories on Tommy Manion are equally unique.




Author: Darol Dickinson