Charlie Dees - Pretty Penny Ranch 11334

Charlie Dees - Pretty Penny Ranch

Charlie Dees owned and operated the Pretty Penny Ranch at Scottsdale, AZ. It was a high dollar boarding, training, breeding, arenas, marketing place. It was the center of class activity of several breeds. Charlie charged more for boarding than anyone in the area and had a waiting list of elite clients. He said the secret of success was clean bathrooms. The finest Trump Tower bathrooms had little on Pretty Penny. It was a mark of his professionalism. Located in the desert, every morning at 5 AM an irrigation sprinkler system came on and settled the dust on his barns, parking lot, arenas -- it was a fresh smell in the early morning air which he was paid well for. Charlie wanted a post card of his Thoroughbred stallion. I took these shots with 4x5" speed graphic film. This was the better of the two shots. I had two shots and they cost me about $2 each. Every time Charlie had a new stallion or a group of clients needing photos, I would go to Scottsdale. I liked to do it in the winter as they had good hair there when hair was longer in the north.

Author: Darol Dickinson
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