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Go Man Go

On my annual work in California (1960 to 1974) I could always expect photo jobs at Vessels. They were leaders on the coast, owning Los Alamitos, they were in the middle of everything. Chief Johnson was my connection at Vessel's. I think he had military navel honors. He always had funny things to say. His office was in the Los Alamitos grand stand. He booked the mares and did deals. Over the years I photographed all their top horses. Go Man Go was the great one in his era. World Champion Runner, an athlete of athletes. How do you photograph a great stallion like Go Man Go??? Do you hide his feet in grass? I decided to just shoot him naked -- we led him out of his stall and took him out into the middle of the race track parking lot. He was what he was. He was not a show horse, but every horsemen could study him and learn from the story of this runner's anatomy. He had some pretty red roan coloring. He was quiet, gentle and as easy to handle as any horse you could name. Horsemen want a photographer to be honest. The camera elevation was exactly in the middle of his body. No retouching - no photo shop. Vessels used this photo in the Pacific Coast QH Mag ads. Shortly thereafter he was sold and went to Oklahoma where retouched photos were made. Never was an unretouched photo of Go Man Go ever published again, until now. My photos of great horses were never retouched. I just worked at getting the best light, pose, angle, and that was the naked truth. True horsemen appreciate honest photos. The deception of photo shop horse photos today is sick.

Author: Darol Dickinson
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