Bright Red

Bright Red 11337


Bright Red ~ after the New Mexico state fair C. L. Maddon of Willard, NM ask me to come take some photos of Bright Bar and Bright Red -- both sons of Maddon's Bright Eyes. If you were serious about the game and owned the famous runner Bright Eyes, the two stallions of choice to breed her to would be Three Bars and Leo. C. L. was a true lover of speed horses, but not a very good promoter. To own stallions like that they needed to be at Vessels or Merrick's to develop their progeny. C. L. had a humble place and not many good mares came to the court of these two great stallions. Few ever saw an ad C. L. ran. Wiescamp tried to buy Bright Bar over and over, but did not try for Bright Red because he did not like the Leo head and neck. It was hard to take photos for C. L. as his horses walked all over him. I earned my fee at Willard.




Author: Darol Dickinson