Againu 11342


Againu -- was ridden and owned most of his life by Stan Glover. Stan hauled him to some show every weekend and entered him in a hand full of events. Stan is a good hand (he is about 85 years old now) and herds cattle for the Ute Indian Tribe in SW Colorado running cattle north of Mesa Verde. He rides some young horses all over the sage brush and mountains of western Colorado, anywhere the Ute have reservation land.

Againu was by Parker's Trouble and favored him quite a lot. This photo was taken just south of Falcon Rd across from where Stan operated for many years -- the old Hillard Miller horse headquarters. When a horse will flex his neck around like this, he is limber. An old thick necked stud can't bend his neck. To keep their spine arrow straight and look around at the photographer is a joyous shot. I talked to Stan a few months ago. He told me, "There was a PRCA bull rider who came out of the chute -- the bull jumped sky high twisted and tortured him -- pounding him in the ground -- he got his hand hung up and the bull hooked the guy in circles beating up every bone in his body -- finally flew free landing in a pile -- fear kicked in -- he jumped and ran for his life -- hit the rodeo fence and bounced up to the top. As he balanced on the pipe above the bull's reach -- he looked down on a fat lady in the front box seat below, who was noted as very largely endowed. He looked down at her, she looked up at him and -- she said......."COWARD!"




Author: Darol Dickinson