AQHA Convention - 60's 11343

AQHA Convention - 60's

This was taken at an AQHA convention in the sixties. This is the executive board. You will recognize Clarence Scharbauer, Ed Honnen, Jack Schwabacher, Jack Casement, Lou Tuck, Bud Warren, Walter Merrick, Hugh Huntley, Howard K Linger and all the power to be.

I used to attend every AQHA convention. One year it was in Phoenix and I was so broke I couldn't afford 30 cent per gallon gas to go to Phoenix. I needed to shake hands and meet these people who would order paintings and photo sessions. It hurt to miss this convention -- bad. For every day of the convention I made a phone call to the convention hotel and had them page the lobby for "Darol Dickinson." Every 3 hours I would call the hotel, "person to person." I didn't have to pay for the calls unless Darol Dickinson came to the phone in Phoenix. All during the convention I was paged. Although I was never there, later several clients said they knew I was there because everyone was trying to find me - they said people were paging me all during the convention. Now, I realize that was cheap, low budget, but I needed to have name recognition and I couldn't afford gas money.

Author: Darol Dickinson
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