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Fennel Brown

Impressive is said to be "found" by a half dozen or more keen-eyed horsemen, but after being found by everyone, Fennel Brown (photo attached) got to own him, and take him home, and keep him. Fennel's breeding farm was in Washington, Mo. He called his company that owned Impressive, Brown Quarries, Inc. His horse buying $$$ came from business services which build non destructible banks along the Mississippi River.

Fennel did not own Impressive -- Impressive owned Fennel.  Impressive was so valuable that Fennel feared every waking moment that he would die or something bad would happen and the dream horse would go away. Fennel had a sleepless veterinarian who was also prepared for any emergency day or night to immediately be at Impressive's side in minutes. In fact Fennel built a huge suite/stall for Impressive and build his own bed room joining the stall. Both were elaborate. If Impressive made any sounds that were unusual Fennel came awake like a clown shot out of a circus cannon. Fennel watched Impressive through a huge window from his bed. While Fennel owned Impressive he was a happy man, but lived on pens and needles 24 hours a day.  He stayed close, unless he was at the hospital with heart issues.

The last time I photographed Impressive was at Fennels.  I had photographed him as a 2 year old when Fennel had just bought him. He was in the $1,000,000 stallion avenue at the Congress and we took him out into the infield of the old race track for photos. There was a group of 30 well known horsemen who followed us to the photo shoot area and watched.

The first time I heard about Impressive Blair Folck called me and said he had the greatest horse of all times and had me fly to Springfield, Ohio to photograph a "stallion."  When I got there he was just past a weanling, but everything Blair saw, was there. I remember being surprised Blair would put a plane fare and photo fees into a weanling colt, but shortly thereafter it all fell into place. I also remember Impressive was so spoiled no one could get him to stand in one place -- he was a headache to photograph well, near impossible. Blair was one of the "finders" of Impressive.

Author: Darol Dickinson
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