Anchor Watch TB

Anchor Watch TB 11350


Anchor Watch TB, born in 1953, a grand son of Bull Lea and Grand Admiral was owned by Vessels at Los Alamitos. For dozens of years early speed sires have been selected from the TB genetics and used to get more and different speed blood in the QH family. Anchor Watch was one selected by Chief Johnson. This photo was taken about 1970.

When doing a promo photo shoot I liked to take 4 or more pose angles and encourage the owner to advertise several shots to show all about the horse. I first circle the horse and identify the faults and qualities then pose them to show the most good and least bad. As I circled Anchor Watch it was obvious he wasn't the best for a side, then not so good for the rear, not so good for the front and a head designed to go over the finish line "early on." So we went ahead and did the best we could. He was a great speedster and sired Tiny Watch and several other fast ones. Just because Anchor Watch did not look good from the front does not mean he looked better from other angles.... the finish line was his thing.




Author: Darol Dickinson