Skips Count

Skips Count 11351


Skips Count was born in 1965 sired by Skippers King and out of a half sister to Skipper W, Skips Sis. When Wiescamp raised a really great stallion he would never sell locally, but send them as far away as possible so they did not compete in his play ground. He sold Skips Count to famous Spanish California reinsman, Tony Diaz, formerly of Fame Farms, Clements, CA. Tony had wife and financial troubles and called offering me and my dad, Frank, Skips Count, a daughter of Red Bird Shoemaker, a Skipity Skip mare and 2 beautiful buckskin Music Mount mares. We drove to California in an old rusty steel trailer. We walked out into a pasture and were looking at the mares and a deputy of some sort walked to us. Said he had a document to acquire all horses owned by Tony Diaz, were these them? I said "No" these are mine, I am Darol Dickinson of Calhan, Colorado, good to meet you. He looked a little funny and left. Within 3 hours they were out of California with Skips Count jammed in the trailer.

Dad and I showed him all over. It was fun. He was very striking. I got beat for Grand by Two Eyed Jack at Omaha, but we were able to beat most of the Wiescamp entries and a lot of other good horses. Gary Campbell and Roger Raisner roped off him and he was amazingly fast and a stop that happened quick -- no sliding all over the arena. He was easy to photograph from every direction -- just faultless Wiescamp style. Dad would sit on the hay bunk for hours looking at Skips Count. He sired some beautiful progeny all over the country.




Author: Darol Dickinson