Sonny Boys Red Man

Sonny Boys Red Man 11352


Sonny Boys Red Man - Was bred by L. R. Kelly of Limon, Colorado. L. R. had a crusty motel on the west side of Limon and raised Appaloosa. He was a fast talking horse trader with years in the wheeling and dealing business. SBRM was his best and proved it by becoming 3 times National Champion. R. H. Blanford bought SBRM and moved him to his beautiful ranch at Montrose, Michigan. He called it Kee-Wah-Din Farms. Blanford had me fly to Michigan and do a series of photos of SBRM. We made post cards of the best color front view. I noticed last night on the internet horse post card collectors can buy one of the cards for $9.90.

While at the farm we set up a shoot to do several calendar and magazine cover shots. In the book PHOTOGRAPHING HORSES there is a photo of the Appaloosa herd and the pasture set up designed to get some beautiful cover shots. Some background tips on enhancing a scene with extra planning and decoration is illustrated. Two of the shots were sold to the Appaloosa News for covers and one was sold to the Farmham Company for their large calendar.

Sonny Boys Red Man came along before the Bright Eyes Brother and Prince Plaudit genetics began to stir the Appaloosa waters.




Author: Darol Dickinson