Fitted Halter History

Fitted Halter History 11358


Fitted Halter History - When I working to perfect the Fitted Halter pattern I had Maggy Clark, in Colorado Springs, make several nylon halters to develop the exact sizes for different horses. When I was sure of the high buckle and right cheek length, I had Windy Ryan in Fort Worth make one with his "Supreme Show Halter" buck stitched design. Windy said, "You have to pay for it before I make it, as it will not fit any horse." At that time Windy totally controlled the show halter market. Here is that Ryan Supreme with my Fitted early pattern.

When in Ohio, I saw Schneiders craftsmanship, I knew they could do it right to my specks. We changed the cheek piece longer and moved the buckle so it wasn't against the ear and that was the future pattern -- exact. I carried one of my fitted halters on all photo shoots after that for all horses. I tried to patent the Fitted concept but shapes and sizes are impossible to patent so it was up to be stolen by the world. Schneiders liked the Billy Royal name which was their marketing. I got a few hundred dollars for the design and a wholesale account to buy halters.




Author: Darol Dickinson