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Impressive, age 2

Impressive, age 2 --- This was taken in the infield at the Ohio State Fair Grounds during the 1971 All American Quarter Horse Congress. I photographed Impressive 3 times and this was the second.

Working with Schneiders Saddlery, the "Fitted Halter" was introduced at the 1971 Congress. It was a pattern designed for photography of Quarter Horses that fit higher on the jaw, did not slide backward on the neck and was adjustable for a trim fit under the jaw. Stan Schneider made up several hundred Fitted Halters and was confident, as I was, that they would sell like hot cakes. He made economical ones, and high dollar halters covered with silver design on patent leather.

After the first 2 days of the Congress, the Fitted halters were so different they did not sell. Stan and I decided if some of the top handlers bought one, even at a reduced price, it would catch on. So, I carried an arm load of assorted halters around the Congress stall area. One by one I was broken hearted when Jerry Wells thought it was horrible, and Mattock Rose made harsh comments of a negative sort, "not quotable." I knew these people and thought they would trust my judgement that it was right. With a day of working the herd, I sold one to Wayne Jordan.

The following day -- plan #2. I asked Stan Schneider if we could loan one fitted halter to each stallion on the Million Dollar Stallion Avenue to wear during the Congress. He was desperate; it was a yes. I selected the most correct headed horses and offered to loan silver, patent leather, fitted halters to all of them and they all accepted, no charge, no cost. As people thought these great horses were all getting Fitted halters, before Congress of 1971 was over Schneiders had sold every Fitted halter. Within a year both Wells and Rose had their own name brand halter, with the silver moved around a little, and my exact same pattern. The rest is history.

Impressive was wearing an economical fitted halter in this photo. Impressive was born April 15, 1969 and the breeder was Perry Cotton. He was 1974 World Champion Open Aged Halter Stallion. He sired something over 2,250 registered foals of which nearly 30 went on to be World Champions themselves. At one time his stud fee was $25,000.

Author: Darol Dickinson
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