Semi 11361


Semi ~~ was a large impressive son of Bar Money. If you changed him to a dark chestnut he would be very much like his sire. He was an excellent runner and won at halter. He was not extreme in all parts, but unquestionably an athlete.

This photo was taken on the hill behind Jim and Becky Ray's facility on the outskirts of Decatur, IL. At this photo shoot we worked with Semi and his sire Bar Money, and several other champions in Jim's stable; also neighbor's stallions who were mostly bought from Jim. Some of the stallions were a little testy and Jim never cut them an ounce of slack.

Any photo shoot at Ray's was a party. Becky was a constant worker- a wonderful and kind host. I never saw Becky that her long blond hair was not tied in designer knots with every hair in perfect placement. She would grill steaks and slice them finger size for huge power packed sandwiches. She might wind up feeding 20 people and she just kept going. She ran the western store that was connected to the arena and stallion facility.

Most of these shoots I stayed with the family. I bunked at Ray's in the upstairs sharing Jim Jr's bed room. We normally talked horse until the wee hours. It was not unusual that I was invited to use the ranch guest room at the 6666 Ranch, the Moon Ranch, Tommy Manion's, John T. L. Jones, Jr's, Al Becker's, Walt Hellier's, Robert Mitchem's, Jerry Davis', Bob Loomis, Wayne Jordan's, Jack Kyles, Leroy Webb's, White Rail Ranch, Art Shahan's, Dennis Thorsell's, Ronny Schleep's, the King Ranch, Bear Ranch, etc.




Author: Darol Dickinson