Jet Smooth

Jet Smooth 11370


Jet Smooth ~~ was born in 1965 sired by Jet Deck out of Lenas Bar by Three Bars. Jet Smooth was a AAAT stakes winner and AQHA Champion. He was the elite of the Merrick breeding program. He almost completely lost the Moon Deck look and captured the Miss Night Bar and Three Bars anatomy.

This photo was taken at Walter Merrick's Sayre, OK ranch. Walter bought and sold ranches large and small. I took photos for Walter at 4 different headquarters facilities.

When Linda and I arrived to photograph Jet Smooth the wind in western Oklahoma was about 40 mph. You can't fight wind. You surrender to it, or force it to work for you. His mane hung on the left so we stood him away from the sun to an angle so the wind hit him direct on the right flank direction. It blew the main the right way, blew the fore-top okay and the tail did not cover the gaskin. This was the solution to the issues. What a great horse.

In 1965 Linda and I had been married two years. We went to the AQHA Convention in Arizona and went by Sunland Park Race track in El Paso taking photos there. Linda had not been feeling well, but would rise to the occasion for meals in the evening. She was sick in the mornings. We found an old doctor in El Paso who came to the motel and checked Linda, gave her some pills and we drove on to Merricks to photograph Red Jones TB. Linda normally helped get ears up, jumped up and down and did crazy stuff. She was sick when we got to Merricks and couldn't help. We discussed it. Walter, with only a few minutes of consideration said, "Linda is pregnant." The El Paso doctor didn't notice that, but Walter being in the reproduction business spotted it right off. It shocked me -- Linda had never been pregnant, so she was shocked also. Walter said, "Linda has morning sickness." He was right. A few years later I told that story to Tien, Walter's wife and she said, "That is crazy. I was 8 months pregnant and Walter didn't even notice me!"




Author: Darol Dickinson