Skips Count

Skips Count 11371


Skips Count - born 1965, raised and branded by Hank Wiescamp. He was sired by Skippers King and out of Skips Sis who was a half sister to Skipper W, out of Hired Girl.

Famous California reinsman Tony Diaz walked the Wiescamp pastures several days a year for many years and knew Hank and his antics very well. Diaz selected Skips Count to "tear up" the west coast with a great Wiescamp horse in every way it could be done. Hank would not sell the horse locally as he did not want to compete with horses where he needed to win with his own horses every time.

Diaz was manager of Fame Farms at Clements, California. Things happen. Fame Farms was in a high rent area and the beautiful irrigated horse pastures are all buildings now. Tony owned his own select group of mares and Skips Count, family issues and my Dad (Frank) and I bought Tony's horses.

It was fun to have a Wiescamp stallion in Colorado who consistently beat Wiescamp's best. Dad and I hauled him all over the country. He won a wall full of trophies, also won AQHA roping. Gary Campbell roped on him at the QH Congress.

This photo was taken on my special photo pasture east of Colorado Springs at Ellicott. When you see this background in hundreds of photos of great horses, note the horizontal irrigation pipe, the wire fence and Pikes Peak in the far back. When you see this background, we were there. Skips Count did an easy rear, side, front and head shot. Few horses were as strong and looked so good from every angle.

Hank never ask about Skips Count; never complimented him; never commented on him; never criticized him -- to me.




Author: Darol Dickinson