Thurman Mullins

Thurman Mullins 11372


THURMAN MULLINS ~~ is the manager of Charlie Daniel's Twin Pines Ranch at Lebanon, TN. Thurman is Charlie's right hand cowboy/ranch manager. He runs the roping arena, sells corriente cattle and roping horses. Not only that, some long slow southern stories have been told behind this weathered desk.

Thurman and Charlie got into the registered Corriente business when that industry first started. He has sent breeding stock around the country to make sure there was good ropers for everyone. DCCI got involved with Twin Pine Ranch mostly due to a common interest in horned cattle and sold-cattle deliveries. When our trucks made deliveries of cattle to Texas we can do the southern route and go by Lebanon, then west to Memphis, Texarkana, and all over Texas from there. Thurman would have some part loads to head the same direction as DCCI and that made the trips work for us both.

Thurman is strong on Charlie Daniels. He can tell you about him for hours. In fact a lot of people like the big CD guy.

This photo of Thurman is his office in one corner of the Twin Pines horse barn. Just a few feet away are fighting chickens, horned cattle and some good saddle horses. The pictures on the wall are signed by everyone who ever owned a get-fiddle for the last 50 years. Does this office look comfortable or not?




Author: Darol Dickinson