Chicado Chick

Chicado Chick 11376


Chicado Chick - was born in 1960, a result of the highly successful Frank Vessels program of Los Alamitos, CA. He got some stamina and speed from his dam Chicado V, but the looks came from his sire Three Bars. Chicado V's ears were as big as a first baseman's glove.

He was a full brother to Three Chicks and Triple Chick. Chicado V produced Triple Chick, War Chick, Table Tennis, Three Chicks, Chicado Chick and The Old Man. All were AQHA Champions and racing champions.

Grafton Moore of Michigan had me go to Durant, OK and do photo sessions of Chicado Chick and Fairbars, both Three Bars sons. They had just achieved their AQHA championships after their AAA track earnings. Roy Savage was in charge of Grafton's Oklahoma efforts. Roy was a good cowboy and roper winning points in several events on both stallions. He was sort of a Matlock Rose look-alike, but with a better personality.

Roy was an arena showman and knew how to win in the AQHA events, but he had no patience with me. For Roy, I really messed up his day. Grafton and I both agreed that we needed very good photos to promote these two great stallions. Roy got aggravated and was all for getting it done quick. Although a full photo session with good help, good weather and well trained subjects took about 2 hours, Roy was for getting it done in about 15 minutes. When a client was paying me to drive 600 miles down and back and that special photo was of great value, Grafton did not care if it took 2 days -- he wanted great photos. After I got a good photo of Roy jerking a calf high in the air on Chicado Chick he possibly forgave me for the harassment of the photo shoot endurance.




Author: Darol Dickinson