Bar Deck

Bar Deck 11377


BAR DECK ~ was a 1958 son of Moon Deck out of Miss Night Bar. He was a lesser known full brother to Jet Deck, the whiz of the tracks. Bar Deck was by most accounts the best conformation of the full sibs. Miss Night Bar by Barred produced 9 full sibs by Noon Deck that all showed great speed.

Two years after Bar Deck was born, his little brother Jet Deck came along setting records and earning nearly a quarter million dollars on the track. Jet Deck won 13 stakes races and afterward for a decade earned the spot as the greatest sire of Quarter running horses.

The Carter family of Lodi, CA were the breeders of Bar Deck. This photo was taken for John Coffman, White Rail Ranch at Clovis, CA. This was an unusual angle to photograph a Moon Deck or any of the Top Deck family and most were not well endowed with rear muscle. By getting the light and angle just perfect it became a signature advertising photo to promote Bar Deck for his life as a breeding stallion. I am told the White Rail Ranch is no longer at Clovis, but it was a booming breeding farm in the seventies standing Royal Bar, Double Bid, Moon Deck and a herd of famous stallions. John Coffman was the stud man elite and Bill Verdugo the partner was the politician and business manager. A strong partnership.

On a personal tip: John Coffman gained weight during a certain time of year. He had a huge almond tree out his back door, (east side of the house) which dropped huge (what Californians call "ammons.") all over the lawn by the baskets full. They were 2 and 3" across and a crispy paper shell. You could pick up a handful and pop a huge "ammon" or two out. It was a treat. Although I was not there long enough to gain weight, like John did during the ammon season, I remember the special taste and novelty. Everyone gathered a hand full when walking by.




Author: Darol Dickinson