Straw Flight

Straw Flight 11380


Straw Flight -- was a 1959 daughter of Jackstraw TB. She had an extensive racing record with 2 AQHA World Championships and produced runners from several sires. This portrait was commissioned by Red Bee Ranch, Art Lankin, of Wichita, KS. I also did an oil portrait, full body, on the track at Albuquerque.

Many years after Art passed his widow offered to sell this painting back to me and my original Diamond Charge painting. Both paintings had some age damage. I restored them and brightened the tones. Added a new finish and both paintings were purchased by fellow artist Phil Epp. (Phil has a Facebook page - see his work)

Straw Flight was a very flighty slender mare. She was always watching for eagles over the next mountain. Prior to doing the paintings, I watched her race, viewed her in the stalls and also saw her go through the sale ring at the famous E. C. Mullendore Dispersal Sale. She was the star at Ruidoso, Denver, Albuquerque -- that is where I watched her race. When she ran she was the queen.

People ask if I plan to start painting again. Keep in mind - unlike some artists who deceptively say they do art to relax or for the feel, or just for the sake of art, I only did it for the money. (Honest artists are hard to find) It was hard work -- detail work -- and every pimple and hair was known in detail by my clients/owners. You can't fake it to the guy who can look out the window at the real thing. I normally worked on 4 or 5 paintings at a time and completed one large work per month. As a result with a 20 year effort there are over 250 oils out there in the world and several drawings.




Author: Darol Dickinson