Miss Night Bar

Miss Night Bar 11382


MISS NIGHT BAR - a daughter of Barred, this is the dam of Jet Deck and Bar Deck.

Is this what speed looks like? Well she did it. If you could draw a picture of what the dam of World Record Holder Jet Deck would look like, you would probably not come up with this picture.

This was taken at the James V. A. Carter horse farm at Clovis, CA. She is one of the leading dams of AAA progeny and one of her foals topped the All American sale. She is the goose that laid the golden eggs, and kept on laying them. Her magic click with Moon Deck was a gold mine.

As I traveled the nation I accumulated a photo file on dams of greats. It was a thing with me. Although these photos are buried in millions of old negatives, occasionally I stumble across a nugget like this.

When looking at these old mares I think of Waldo Cockerham, who worked for Governor Jimmie Davis. Waldo was a fast talking, fast-selling horse trader. He would make Dean Landers appear "mild-mannered." Once he was selling an old mare in an auction and no one was bidding enough for him. He stopped the sale, chastised the non bidding audience and said, "If you saw my mother, you might not be impressed, but look at me -- see what she produced?" I never heard the rest of the story to know if it helped or not.




Author: Darol Dickinson