Fairbars 11388


Fairbars ~ was born in 1961, stood 15.2 and was just another really great Three Bars son. His Leo sired dam gave him some characteristics different than other Three Bars sons in the neck and head and also a lot of lower leg muscle.

This photo shoot was for Grafton Moore of Michigan. His horse farm was at Durant, OK where we also shot Chicado Chick the same day, both AAA AQHA Champion stallions.

Many of the shots I am using for these bios are reject photos. There would have been another shot taken a few minutes away that was used for the owner. This shot did not have my signature chemically darkened foreground to make the four white stockings stand out. Also the head position was not correct. If the head had been lifted higher the neck would have shown longer and the nose would have been shorter. That would have made it correct.

Grafton Moore was a Christian family man always with a twinkle in his eye. He had a brilliant business mind and was clever and fun to be around. Once I was in Michigan doing research for paintings of Counterplay and Double Thistle for Steven Schovaley. Steven kindly asked me to go to dinner with him at some high dollar restaurant. Grafton had invited me to stay at his house while working on the Schovaley project. I told Grafton about the dinner offer. Grafton said this was a really high dollar place and very formal. It would have to be coat and tie. I did not have a dress coat with the fake shoulder pads nor did I travel with a tie in my camera cases. Grafton offered me one of his ties and a really nice coat. I was a size X and Grafton was a full 4X. I recall qualifying for the social eatery, but obviously looked like I had stopped by the Good Will part way there. It didn't affect the paintings. We had a good evening.




Author: Darol Dickinson