Tee Jay Roman

Tee Jay Roman 11392


Tee Jay Roman ~~ Howard Dahlof had me come to his place somewhere in Iowa to take photos of Tee Jay Roman. I remember it was in corn country and he did not live far from Joe Lindholm where Two Eyed Jack lived. I had to go to Joe's and take photos of all the horses for his future auction catalog so I tried to gang up several photo shoots in one trip to cut the travel costs for my customers. I took side, rear and this is the front view.

At a different time Howard brought Tee Jay Roman to our place at Ellicott, Colorado to take photos. The real lean side view that you often see of him was taken there and this english action shot. Howard had one or two daughters who lived in the Colorado Springs area. Sometimes these great horses would travel through Colorado and I would have them stay in one of our horse stalls in case of unfavorable weather. Then when things were right we got with the photos. Some people would drive a long ways to photograph an important horse, leave them in our barn and visit the tourism places in the mountains nearby. There were a lot of traveling stallions lived in our barn over the years. Tee-Jay-Roman-Side




Author: Darol Dickinson