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Splash Bar

Splash Bar - was born in 1963, bred by Hank Wiescamp. His dam was Skip Irish by Skippers King. He was sired by Bar Mount who was out of Question Mount by Gold Mount and out of Red Bird Shoemaker, who was by Nick out of Plaudette.

In about 1969 Linda and I were staying with the Spires at their home in Ruidosa during the All American Races. I received a call from someone in Wisconsin who badly wanted a stallion photographed. He was winning a lot of shows but the photos he was getting were all showing the horse had flaws. His horse, Splash Bar was dynamic and came into the show ring with a first impression of greatness that assured the Grand Championship. If a judge looked real close he might reconsider, but most did not change their mind. He won a lot.

Michael Mulberger said whatever it costs, get on a plane to Milwaukee. I was picked up at the airport by Michael driving a white half ton pickup. He was about 25, a very sharp handsome fellow, with a sign on the truck door "Shiloh Quarter Horse Farm." I ask Michael why he named his farm "Shiloh" and he said in the Bible shiloh means "abundant peace." He said he had been saved and became a Christian and a peace had been given him like never before. He quoted a lot of Bible verses about being saved and was excited about his new rewarding life. He apologized that he needed to stop by the brewery and sign some papers before we could take the photos. (Brewery - Christian, interesting)

He pulled up to the first parking spot by the front door of Miller Brewery. I waited in the truck. In about a half hour he returned and apologized more. He said his mother was Lorraine Mulberger and her maiden name was Miller. Mrs. Mulberger had inherited controlling interest in Miller Brewery and Michael was her one son. Michael gave all the details of how he had been saved, and was reading his Bible; his life was taking a major direction change. While reading the Bible it dawned on him that the total success of his family was due to the increased solicitation of millions of people who would consume more and more alcohol.

As a result of Michael's conversion he could not, with a clear conscience, be in the beer business. He had chosen to do a complete stock exchange, in trade he received $36,000,000 of shares in Dow Chemical and other good and valuable considerations. This day, when he walked out of the family building, which was nearly a half mile long, he was no longer in the beer business.

His farm was perfectly manicured, not a large place, a beautiful barn, as I recall about a 6 stall. An old fellow walked out of the barn to greet us, who took care of the stalls, with a Norwegian name that I don't remember. He had broken English but a kind warm smile. Michael wanted me to meet this special fellow. On the way to the ranch he told me that the "barn guy" had helped him understand how to be saved. He was eternally grateful to him. The "barn guy" had about a 3rd grate education, but knew the Bible cover to cover. As I stood in the presence of a 25 year old, 36 times a millionaire, and a "barn guy" the magnitude of what had happened between these two men was emotionally soul-stirring. There was a closeness and respect between these two very different people that only the Lord Jesus could ever glue together.

Splash Bar was led out to a grass area. The light was hazy so we had to wait for brighter light most of the day until the shoot was finished. He was an outstanding stallion with great poses from every angle. The "barn guy" had him so well trained he stood perfect. We had a lot of time to talk.

Michael enjoyed showing horses and acquired several more outstanding competitors including Miss Sun Oil. Michael moved to Arizona and went into full time Christian work. He was using his assets for the homeless, and missionary work helping others to be saved. I am sorry that I have lost contact with Michael Mulberger over the years -- a man with solid convictions -- the man of "Shiloh."

Author: Darol Dickinson
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