Skips Veto

Skips Veto 11416


Skips Veto -- born 1964.  Sire: Skipador by Skipper W.  Dam: Vetolette by Show Cash. Skips Veto was gelded after siring 12 registered foals.  He was an AQHA Champion, Superior Halter, and Arena ROM. Photo by Ray Bankston.

I was doing a photo shoot for Sycamore Farms in Nebraska and Wayne Jordan was the manager, trainer and showman. I first met Wayne when he was working with Matlock Rose for G. B. Howell at Segoville, TX. My friendship with Wayne and then Judy, his lovely, feisty, wife has been a rewarding one. As Wayne went to Elk Horn and continued to be associated with great horses I shot many of his champions over the years.

While at Sycamore I first saw Skips Veto. I had never seen a gelding of this correct, near perfect type. We stood and enjoyed looking at this awesome species and everyone always wondered why the master breeder, Hank Wiescamp gelded him. Be sure Hank had his reasons, but no one ever knew. There was some flaw, but that, as with many other gems of the unknown, went to the grave with Hank. We carefully studied this great horse. Wayne had found how to win All Grand Champion Gelding at every show, just lead Skips Veto in and carry the trophy out.  He racked up halter points faster than Dick Chaney could shoot a dove. Wayne thought to raise another like Skips Veto would be a magic genetic event. Surely a valuable thing to be desired. I never forgot how pretty this horse was, now would Wayne.

I will do 3 bios on Skips Veto, Vetolette and Count Veto.  You will see how the chicanery of Jordan and Dickinson fumbles and stumbles through this one. 




Author: Darol Dickinson