Sir Teddy

Sir Teddy 11418


Sir Teddy -- born 1955. Sire: Sirlette.  Dam: Silver Leche.

Dad (Frank Dickinson) bought Sir Teddy from Hank Wiescamp during the winter. When we loaded him at Alamosa he was so big we could barely get the door closed. Leroy Webb had ridden him quite a bit. He was never the stallion his brothers Silver Son and Skippers Smoke were or Hank would not have let us have him.  All three were out of Silver Leche, one of Hank's beautiful albino mares.

Sir Teddy was a dish water palomino, lots of bone and mild tempered. He was big everywhere a horse could be big. I never had time to photograph him in slick hair or even a posed shot. This isn't very good. This is all I ever got. Sir Teddy was purchased before Dad owned Silky Fox or Skips Count, Monte Carlo or Sage Scooter.

I have observed the All Breed Database for a few months and I am curious where they get their data on height. On Sir Teddy, he was a full 16 hands. Sirlette was about 15 and Skipper W was 15 or short of 15. I think someone is guessing on this.

We were excited about Sir Teddy and I started riding him just to get a feel for what he did and how. As I was circling him he did a nice slow lope then just fell flat like he was shot. He rolled over on me and it was not pretty.  It was like he just went to sleep and lost it. I rode him a few more days and he seemed like he was clumsy or else just didn't give a hoot. I wasn't tearing up the arena with him, just playing. A few days later he fell flat and did the same thing again. At this point he did not impress us for raising a whole pasture of his daughters that rode that way.

We called Hank and he said bring him back and pick out another stud. Well, once Hank was into you on a $10,000 horse, and you wanted a replacement, you did not get a $15,000 horse, it went down from there. Hank was brilliant and likeable, but as Jack Kyle said, he was "Greedy."

After that he went ahead and won a lot of points steer roping and halter. He was quite a good sire of several AQHA champions and some fun horses. I never heard if he went to sleep and fell flat with his future owners or not.




Author: Darol Dickinson