Watusi Stock Photos

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Black Watusi Cow named Billi Mambo in May 2018 on the hills at Dickinson Cattle Company near Barnesville, Ohio
This ornery crew of Watusi baby calves are plotting their next adventure. This photo was taken at Dickinson Cattle Co, near Barnesville Ohio, USA in July of 2017
Watusi Herd with during the summer of 2017 with herd sire Titan Wolf on this hillsides at Dickinson Cattle Co, near Barnesville, Ohio.
Watusi bull Titan Wolf with one of his favorite cows at Dickinson Cattle Co, near Barnesville, Ohio
Watsui Herd Sire - Titan Wolf
Watusi Cow - High Ding - with Calf at Dickinson Cattle Co in Ohio
Watusi Herd - Dickinson Cattle Co
Watusi Cow, High Dingo with her 2014 baby calf on Belmont County Ohio Pasurelands.
Red Bus in Watusi Pasture
Akeem - Watusi Bull
Fancy Watusi Steer
Watusi Cow
Watusi Cow
Watusi Momma with baby
Watusi Cows under Black Locust Tree
Watusi and Longhorn Steers
High Dingo - age 8
Mellali and Calf - age 4
Watusi Cows
Appalachian hill side and Watusi

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