With BueLingo, You Can Have It All, Performance and Beauty Too

Group of BueLingo Cows by Pond

The BueLingo breed of cattle was developed in Ransom County, North Dakota, on the Bueling Ranch, by Russell Bueling and R. B. Danielson of the Animal Science Department of the North Dakota State University at Fargo.

The breed is now distributed into twenty eight states and three Canadian provinces. They are well accepted all over North America. The founders of the breed have followed a planned program to develop a breed of cattle that suits today's needs for low birth weights, fast growth and quality carcasses. The goal has always been to produce cattle that solve many of the management problems in beef herds and are hardy and economical to maintain with high fertility and outstanding carcass merit. Cows must calve regularly and raise calves that show a high proportion of the cow's weight.

BueLingo Cow

The BueLingo breed is well adapted to the vast range areas of the West as well as lush farms of the south and east. This is the perfect breed for the operator who must have a profitable farm or ranch operation yet may not necessarily own a large acreage.

BueLingo cows are extremely fertile and reach puberty at an early age.They are known for their docile dispositions, and for their ample supply of rich milk. Birth weights of the calves mostly run under 72 lbs. with 205 day weaning weights running as high as 650 to 770 lbs. The cows show excellent femininity. Poor udders are almost unheard of as is vaginal prolapse and many of the other costly beef cattle problems.

Ding Up Buelingo Pair

BueLingo is a breed now open to producers where BueLingo semen or bulls can be used on other breeds. Offspring with a correct belt are eligible for registry. Likewise, BueLingo females can be raised from bulls of other breeds with properly marked calves being eligible for registry.

Members of the BueLingo Cattle Society are excited about this flamboyant, young, cattle breed. You are welcome to play a creative role in the early development stages. Join the BueLingo Beef Cattle Society and assist in making the BueLingo even greater.

BueLingo excel in the three most needed traits in today's beef cattle herds. Maternal instinct, growth ability and disposition. The result is increased beef production per cow while maintaining efficiency.
Group of BueLingo Cows in deep grass in Ohio

The BueLingo is a unique blend of breeds which adds an attractive, eye-catching appearance to the other vital traits. Often BueLingo producers are folks who desire to excel, yet choose to be different.

The BueLingo is a composite breed based on selecting the best of a number of breeds to create one very special breed.

BueLingo Cows by BueLingo Bus on Longhorns Head to tail tour


Important to a breed's overall performance is disposition. The BueLingo has a docile disposition which may well affect growth, conception rates, fertility, calving ease and maternal instinct. The BueLingo are a pleasure to work with.


Registered BueLingo can be either Black or Red Belted. The belt size varies but is required to be located between the hip bones and the shoulder blades and must encompass the entire body without breaking. Other colors such as grullo and dun belted are eligible for registration the the BIF registry.


Red BueLingo Cow suckling a big fat calf

BueLingo females excel maternally. They are noted for femininity, early puberty, consistent fertility, calving ease of both heifers and cows, abundant and quality milk production. Calves wean at a higher percentage of their mother's weight than most cattle breeds.

Following a course of selection, herds have been developed in which 100% calf crops have been reported consistently.


Buelingo Bull

The BueLingo bulls are prepotent and have the ability to transmit the breed characteristics on any other breed, often producing a belted calf, depending on the breed selected.

The goal of the BueLingo Society is to develop a breed that completely suits today's needs. A BueLingo cow will weigh from 1100 - 1200 pounds on range in lactating condition, will wean a 600 to 700 pound calf in 205 days, that will continue to grow fast - weighing 1000 -1100 pounds at one year. This goal has been met, maintained and sometimes surpassed in the better herds. Light birth weights and the ability to grow and gain efficiently in the feed lot attest to BueLingo's total performance ability.

Paparazzi - BueLingo Bull

Growth rate statistics show top gaining BueLingo/cross steers gain up to 4.47 pounds per day.

At two years old, BueLingo heifers are big enough to calve easily and produce abundant milk to make the first calf a good one.

Mature cows require less pasture and winter feed than the larger exotic breeds. Largely due to their easy fleshing qualities.

Big fat BueLingo cow - gives a lot of milk

Dickinson Cattle Co., LLC. was an early member of the BCS and registered many of the first foundation BueLingo breeding stock. The 100% performance testing program and serious selection of superior quality makes DCC BueLingo some of the best in North America. The current BCS President, Joseph Steve uses a superior DCC BueLingo Sire (Cycle Progress) as his senior sire. Numerous major BueLingo producers have purchased DCC genetics and frozen semen.

BueLingo Pair

Dickinson Cattle Co., LLC. of Barnesville, Ohio is a major producer of championship BueLingo. Great BueLingo herd sires have been produced by DCC such as: Ultimate Circle, Truism, Boot Jack, Boot Legger, Paparazzi, Line Dancer, Extra Value, Dip Stick, Night Line, Chancellor, Cycle Progress, Spiral Progress, Graphic Progress, Ring of Saturn, Ring of Saturn, Dip Echo, and Papa True. Semen is available from many of the popular sires directly from DCC priced from $10 to $25.

Big Buelingo Bull

Starting a BueLingo herd is a wise move for land owners desiring maximum return on a small amount of land.

Numerous 4-H & FFA exhibitors have chosen BueLingo for their show prospects. Registered breeding stock are available for purchase from DCC and deliveries can be arranged. The "BueLingo Legacy " video is available for $10.00. A DCC on-line price list is updated monthly of sale inventory at the ranch site www.buelingo.net; Contact DCC at 740/758-5050 for purchase of high quality BueLingo.