Building the DCCI BueLingo Foundation Sire Program

In 1986 the first efforts by the Dickinson family were started to develop a quality Buelingo herd. It was difficult to start due to very few Buelingo available and less for sale. Each breeder was in the herd building stage and would not sell quality cattle.

The foundation Buelingo cattle were registered with one Buelingo parent and numerous breeds were blended early in the program.

In the late eighties, DCCI was well known for being serious producers of registered Salorn, Salers, and Texas Longhorns. The DCCI Salers (many French imported embryo transfer cattle) and Salorn were bred to either a Dutch Belt bull or registered Buelingo (mostly Hammer Jack of FX). DCCI had purchased a small herd of registered Black Angus and they were also bred belted.

With this humble beginning, 150 beautiful Buelingo breeding females are now producing at DCCI. Some of the highest quality Buelingo are available for purchase year 'round. Folks wanting to start a herd can now call DCCI for breeding cattle, and/or frozen semen from the best genetics.

With each generation and each new sire selected for the breeding herds at DCCI, critical evaluations were implemented. Every bull was weighed at birth, 205 days, 365 days, and annually. Conformation, pedigrees, disposition, milk production, and mothering ability was evaluated. Today the DCCI herd is a successful result of these 20 foundation sires building one generation after another on the best of the best quality stock.

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William The Conqueror
William The Conqueror - He was the first belted bull used by DCCI. He was a full blood Dutch Belted Dairy bull used as the main sire of Diamond Heart Dairy of Vermont. He was bred to DCCI full blood Salers, Salorn and registered Angus cows. Semen $20.00

Bootjack - He was an AI son of Hammer Jack out of DH Margaret a full Dutch Belt cow. He is pictured here at about 18 months. He sired nice straight lines, strong belts and pretty heads. Several of his daughters have become great producers. Semen $12

Darols Dakota
Darols Dakota - He is pictured here with a group of Salers, Angus, and Salorn registered cows. He was breeding at the same time as Boot Jack early in the breed creation time. (Pictured top center) He is sired by Emanation of FX and out of Dakota Bessie.

Chad of Flying Cross
Chad of Flying Cross - He was purchased from Don Brenner. He is a son of Chilingo, although not as extreme and better belting. He is great for calving ease. Pictured at age 11. He is sire of Chancellor, who sired Night Line. Semen $12.00

Belt Above
Belt Above - He was sired by Buster Crevier and out of Willow Wyw. She was by William the Conqueror and out of a registered Angus cow named Black Warpath Miss. Although he was shorted than we prefer, he sired some very fancy gold belted females and grullos when bred to Charolias cows.

Truism - He was polled, by Buster Crevier and out of a full blood Dutch Belt cow DH Tresdle. Tresdle was a faultless very feminine cow purchased from Diamond Heart Dairy in Vermont. She was a great producer of foundation females for DCCI. Truism sired True Value the dam of "Value Line" and Papa True. He was very trim fronted and correct though not as large as prefered.

Bootleg - He was a son of Boot Jack by Hammer Jack. His dam was Slam Socks by the all time leading Salers sire "Slammer." The maternal dam is DH SxS, a wonderful producing pure Dutch Bel cow. He was a very correct thick young bull. Photo at 18 mo.

Ultimate Circle
Ultimate Circle - He was sired by Canadian Carcus Champion EPR Ultimate 12U. He was an Embryo transfer son of French import Premier Noir and Layette (Salers). His dam, a registered Buelingo was also a registered Dutch Belted cown named Roberta 34 purchased from Leroy Melcher of Houston, Texas. Leroy had acquired her from the big Florida Butch Belted herd. Ultimate Circle brough a low birth weight, strong beef grain-ability and the newly popular red colr to the Buelingo her book. Semen $15

Chancellor - He is by Chad of FX and out of Robbi Slam. Robbie Slam was by Full blood Salers bull Slamming Royalty and out of Roberta 34. Chancellor really begin to pull the DCCI Buelingo genetics together with consistent quality. He sired great cows and Night Line. Semen $12.00

B-Rouge-Chi - He is by Dingo of FX and out of Leveldale of FX. His red brindle color was new to Buelingo genetics. His small birth weights make him a very safe first calf heifer sire. His great son Paparazzi made great advancements for DCCI in the rapid growth department. He was short and chunky with strong small belting abilities. Semen $12

Night Line
Night Line - He is by Chancellor by Chad of FX. His dam was a 3/4 Dutch Belt Dairy cow and daughter of Ultimate Circle. His son LIne Dancer and numerous daughters continue his genetics. He was strong belting with heavy milking daughters and performed well in every way.

Ring Of Saturn
Ring Of Saturn - He was by Ultimate Circle and out of the great old cow Willow Wye. Pictured here at 16 months, he developed into a greand looking bull and was bred at DCCI for 2 years. Semen $12.00

Circular - He was a grand son of Ultimate Circle out of Diamond Heart SxS, a full blood Dutch Belt Dairy cow. He really put it all together with great size, color, frame and volume. He was bred four years and gave a great number of wonderful daughters.

Paparazzi - He is by B-Rouge-Chi and out of the registered Salorn cow princessa by Salers Imperial Prince. This polled dark red Buelingo sired great growthy females and numerous sons in service. He weighed 2375 lbs when we sold him to Emet Smart in Oklahoma.

Kick-A-Fin - He was an embryo transfer son of Kickadingo and out of Findowrie. He was bred and raised by Dr. Roland Vernon. Kick-A-Fin was very compact, thick and moderate in size. He sired Smoke-N-Fin and several females by AI at DCCI in 1999

Line Dancer
Line Dancer - He by Night Line and out of Dingo Trader by Dingo and out of Night Trader by the Saler's bull Tradesman. Line Dancer, a polled strong belting son of Night Line sired Dancing Max bred to heifers in 2001 by DCCI. Photo at age 22 months.

Spiral Progress
Spiral Progress - He is a polled son of homozygious polled Limousine bull Wulf's Polled Progress. He is out of Circle the Wagon by Ultimate Circle who was out of DH SxS. This is the top Limousine of the nineties with great calving ease, classic Limousine patterna nd great growth. Semen $15 Bred by DCCI 2000, 2001, and 2002

Cycle Progress
Cycle Progress - He is believed to be the best sire of type, and total Buelingo quality ever raised by DCCI. He is an outcross bull sired by one of the most famous Limousin sires of all times, Wulf's Polled Progress. Wulfs Polled Progress was a breed leader in easy calving, carcass quality and maternal EPD values. (Wulfs Polled Progress was discredited in the Limousin industry for calves with random white markings.) Cycle Progress is homozygous poled. He sires a high percent of red Buelingo, but is not recommended for non belted cows. He is compact, very gentle and his calves are trim fronted with perfectly straight tops and huge Limousin hind quarters. More Cycle Progress sons have been sold for Buelingo herd sires than any DCCI sire. His birth weight was 72 lbs.

Smoke'N Fin
Smoke'N Fin - Smoke'n Fin by Kick-A-Fin and out of Smoke'N Circle by Circular. Photo at 22 months. Although his grullo/silver color is not acceptable by the BBCS for registration, his calves are more in demand than the red or black belted. A few of his grullo sons will be available in the future.

Yard Of Fun
Yard Of Fun - Is a big red belted Buelingo who sires a high percentage of correct belts. You saw his calves place well at the BBCS 2005 Championship show, and several producers have progeny from him. He was the leading sire of the V-3 Roland Vernon herd until purchased by Dickinson Cattle Co. He is a true all-around sire. Use him on non belted cows to get belts, use him on registered cows for red belts, use him to get polled calves, and trust him for moderate to small birth weights. He sires a very low percent of white feet. His 2275 lb masculine structure makes him a bull with a major amount of size combined with a humane birth size. He is a wise choice for AI use.

Dip Stick
Dip Stick - Is believed to be the most consistent easy calving sire at DCCI. He is recommended for all first calf heifers. Although his own birth weight is 74 lbs, his average progeny birth weight on two year old heifers is 64 lbs. He is a son of Cycle Progress with his perfect top line and great package of family characteristics. His dam, Orisular is 1200 lbs and a daughter of Circular by Ultimate Circle. He was born in 2004 and quickly shows his genetics offer a lot for breed improvement. He is recommended for registered Buelingo or non belted use for a high percentage of correct belts.

Graphic Progress
Graphic Progress - Is the ultimate Buelingo sire. He combines the elite type of Cycle Progress, his sire, plus the beauty and style of his dam Calligraphy by Dakota Marshall. Graphic Progress is recommended for belting both registered and non belted cows. He is extremely trim fronted with a huge hind quarter. He has the true Limousin shape and the flamboyant Buelingo color. His dam never misses and weighed 1500 lbs top weight. Birth weight 72 lbs. This is a family that gives the small birth weights and large weaning weights.

Extra Value
Extra Value - Was used in 2006 on DCCI heifers. He has great type and weighs 1765 lbs at age 2 on grass.

Fun And Games
Fun And Games - His low 77 lb. birth weight and 628.57 lb 205 weight with no grain or creep feed is considered good sire material. His dam, a Papa True daughter, was in the top 3 performers at 205 & 365 days. He is thick, big and calves very easy. His 100% performance testing, long correctly belted pedigree, and rapid gain achieves the low birth and rapid consistent gain demanded at DCCI.

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