DCCI - ITLA Championship Show - 2000

The 10th Anniversary ITLA Convention and Championship Show is the highlight of the 2000 Longhorn Industry. The Great Lakes Texas Longhorn Association sponsored the show and selected the Michigan State University Livestock Pavilion to hold this extravaganza. Bruce Curtis, the Great Lakes President, with his entire membership helping, sponsored the major event of the year. A big thank you to all the hard workers and planners. GREAT JOB!

Dickinson Cattle Co., Inc. is not "day & night" serious about showing cattle. DCCI supports a few local shows each year. With the 10th Annual show only 400 miles away, this was a chance to compare DCCI genetics to the very top repeat champions of the circuit. Cattle who were major show winners during the year qualified to compete in the Championship Show.

Day after day the calves were trained and positioned for show. Some improvement was visable most days.
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