DCCI - ITLA Championship Show - 2000 - Page 3

The DCCI crew started working with the show cattle along with their regular early Fall work. Joel, Joe & Dave started the leading, (being drug) process.

At the local county fair, contact was made with Ginny Barker, Vocational Agriculture teacher for Buckeye Trails public school. Her students were new to Longhorns, but a few volunteers were ready to work with the calves. They came to DCCI on weekends and after school. Some had little experience with cattle showing, but had a lot of "try." Day by day the kids got more experienced and the cattle begin to look more "show ready." The show team that took the "Michigan Challenge " were; Andy Juzwiak, Michelle Shipe, Nicole Bates, Matt Davis and Andrea McCardle. Andrea is a college student from Moundsville, West Virginia.

"Sena Streak" by Senator and out of a King daughter won 1st in Class 12, Champion Jr. Cow and Grand Champion All Age Female.
Her thick Senator hips and smooth feminine profile was totally unbeatable. What a perfect young cow.