Feast 11328


During the sixties and early seventies I spent a month or so in California. Linda and I loved California. I started photographing horses at Shamel Ranch in Marietta in April, and as hair slicked off I would zig zag across the state completing my appointments in Lake County at Diamond D or Cliffords. Just as I was ready to drive across northern Nevada (homesick for my kids) and head back to Colorado, a fellow From Semi Valley, CA had to have his stallion photographed. Said he could never get a good photo. I charged him quite a bit to back-track southward and photographed his TB stallion "Feast." He was a nice guy and a very gentle horse who was easy to photograph. In those days many TB and a lot of quarter horses did not hold a pose, were hard to stand. People just didn't have the skill to make a horse stand still. Then I drove across southern Nevada home. I used 2 1/4" x 2 3/4" roll film and had accumulated a 5 gallon bucket of negatives to process. It took longer to print the photos than to take them.




Author: Darol Dickinson