Moon Deck

Moon Deck 11354


Moon Deck ~~ was born in 1950 and departed in 1974. He was a AAA runner and regarded by most as one of the two greatest sons of Top Deck. He became very well appreciated while under the management of William and James Carter of Clovis, California. Moon Deck's two most famous sons were Jet Deck and Top Moon.

The Carter family had a true breeding program planned for long term success. For a lifetime they bred one family of speed horses racing most of them; personally evaluating each mating and every generation. From their old mare Myrna Loy and Belle of Midnight, they were hand picked and bred to the leading speed horses of the day. They would trailer a mare well before the interstate system from California to Oklahoma to breed to Vandy or Midnight Jr. With this effort they had about 15 mares, most who had a serious racing record and bred them to a stallion they bought by Three Bars, named Barred. They kept Barred daughters creating a pasture of mares that were 3/4, 7/8 sisters. When they bred them to Moon Deck then Jet Deck became the most valuable stallion in QH history -- shazamm!! They just happened to have about 25 brothers and sisters to him born annually that were 7/8 the same blood. One of the most beautiful breeding plans in QH history. A real professional breeding program.

Very few cattle or equine breeders have the long term thought behind a breeding program like Carters. Hank Wiescamp was very similar, but much larger. Here at DCCI we have imitated these systems with Texas Longhorns. The Carter plan is not just a pattern of success, but marketing superiority. Most breeders buy/sell and seldom ever raise full-sibs. When they raise something great, they normally only have one of a kind.

This Moon Deck photo was taken at Carters, out behind their barns. They were humble people, hard working. They stood Moon Deck with the expert assistance of the White Rail Ranch staff, Bill Verdugo, John Coffman and one of the top AI equine vets on the West Coast. Carters lived about 5 miles south of White Rail in a slightly rural area. On the days Moon Deck would be bred the senior Carter sat on the pickup tail gate and led Moon Deck at a brisk trot down the highway ditch. His semen was collected and he was led back home. Moon Deck was very gentle, mild mannered and put on about 40 miles a week to do his job. Carters made more clear profit in the QH business with less cost and less invested than anyone of their day. They had a simple business plan, and when Jet Deck happened -- WOW!!




Author: Darol Dickinson