Cowboy Squaw 1

Cowboy Squaw 1 11362


Cowboy Squaw 1 - was photographed at Dennis Thorsell's place near Medina, Ohio about 1971. She was owned by Dennis Thorsell and Sonny Thompson. She won 6 wheel barrows full of trophies in her lengthy career. She was by Codys Spark and was a lot of King Ranch breeding.

Denny would have a barn full of horses all fit perfect, plus friends who had some great stock. I would fly to Cleveland and work days up the hill behind Dennys barns. He had every top horse in the area set for appointments to photograph. Beetle Luck, Mac By Bar, and a couple dozen more from that part of Ohio all showed up.

It was a party and great horses getting perfected for their photos in the barn, and tied to trailers. Denny knew everyone who could spell "horse."




Author: Darol Dickinson