Lucky Bar TB

Lucky Bar TB 11369


LUCKY BAR TB - was born in 1954, stood 15.3 and was a pin fired son of Three Bars. I believe every TB Three Bars son was pin fired on their front wheels. His dam Fulfilment was mostly unknown to me but 3 generations back you find Triple Crown Champion, Man O War.

Lucky Bar sired Impressive. With that achievement, I wanted to see this super sire. I wanted to see the special anatomy that originated Impressive and you had to look hard to spot it. What does the sire of the greatest halter horse in history look like? Would you breed to Lucky Bar not knowing about Impressive and think you would get an Impressive?

I am sorry I don't remember where I saw Lucky Bar, but I drove to wherever he lived and took this photo. Obviously Pete Bowling was not holding him. Also, for sure, no one hired me to take this photo or I would have spent more time getting a good background and some kind of halter. The background tells you this horse had no special paddock and just put in his time.




Author: Darol Dickinson