Guthrie Buck

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Guthrie Buck ~~ was born in 1958 on the 6666 Ranch, a son of Hollywood Gold and a Joe Tom by Joe Hancock dam. He was owned by Walt Hellyer of Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Walt Hellyer was the first president of the Ontario Cutting Horse Assn. He loved cutting horses, but made his fortune in Canadian Ginseng exporting to China. Walt had some beautiful rolling grass lands in the bread basket of southern Canada. His horse fences when up and over, across every direction. He had many miles of board fence, with nearly every board somewhat "horse chewed." The day I arrived photos were taken of Guthrie Buck from all directions for reference.

I met Walt at the Quarter Horse Congress. He commissioned a portrait of Guthrie Buck his famous cutting horse. The Congress is always in October. Walt had problems with vandalism during Halloween so his exit from the Congress was a little early to get back and protect the ranch from local beginner terrorists. I rode back with Walt out of Ohio north into Ontario. We talked horse. Walt was a brilliant entertaining man. It was late and we had driven way into the night when Walt's trainer complained that his belt buckle was scratching his back bone and he badly wanted to stop somewhere and eat.

We watched for another 50 miles and finally a nice enough looking log bar/grill/combo looked open. There were some Paul Bunyan seedy types hanging around and some well dressed clients. We ordered something big to eat. We waited and waited. We were ready to eat napkins. Finally the waitress said that if I did not take my hat off she would not serve us. That was a new one for me. I ask what was the problem? She pointed to a snippy old wrinkled lady who was staring daggers at us. The waitress said it was offensive to one of the clients. We were hungry. Walt discussed with the waitress that we also were clients and we thought everyone should also be wearing western hats. (I was ready to take my hat off without a fight) Walt took a second to think about it and then told the waitress that we were offended. The food was probably made out of S..=#&Q_T, and we got up and left. We drove for hours and never found anything to eat.




Author: Darol Dickinson