California Chrome

California Chrome 11378


Fitted Halters - California Chrome -- In 1970 I worked to develop the Fitted halter that fit around the whole jaw framing it, properly dividing the nose to eye length and creating a design that would not slide down the neck.

One other thing that was historically sad with the draft horse, standard bred historic halters was that they fit too loose. Occasionally a horse was known to get their hind leg caught in their own halter, casting themselves, becoming crippled or dead. The Fitted design was the right fit so a hoof would not get into the halter slack. All of these things have been adapted by the Quarter Horse, Paint, and Appaloosa people. The Fitted pattern is in all the shows. But.................. that technology has not gotten all the way to Kentucky. The Thoroughbred folks have not been attending enough QH shows to know about halters and safe, correct fits.




Author: Darol Dickinson