King Plaudit

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King Plaudit -- Wallace Barbee had me fly to Houston, Texas and come to his Bar-B-Ranch and take a series of photos of King Plaudit. His place was north of Houston on the west side of a main freeway. I took rear, side and head shots. This front was the best angle for King Plaudit. We made post cards and a lot of promo photos for his aggressive advertising. This is the shot that was used for the post cards.

King Plaudit - was by Red Plaudit x Cheyenne Maid), foaled in May of 1964, was a product of the legendary Colorado horseman Hank Wiescamp’s breeding program. A chestnut with a large white blanket accentuated by a blaze face and four white stockings, King Plaudit was sired by Wiescamp’s stallion Red Plaudit, making him a paternal half-brother Appaloosa superstar Prince Plaudit. King Plaudit soon attracted the interest of Wallace Barbee, a Missouri horseman looking to take his Appaloosa breeding program to the next level. After visiting Wiescamp’s Colorado ranch, Wallace purchased the young King Plaudit and began showing him at halter to great success—33 undefeated halter titles in one year.

Following his stellar career in the halter ring, King Plaudit settled into life as the senior stallion at Wallace’s Bar-B-Ranch. Of his many championship progeny, a few of King Plaudit’s get even branched out into the racing world; his son Splash Plaudit, himself a halter champion, sired 25 ApHC race starters which earned over $272,000 at the track. In addition to his race-winning get, Splash Plaudit also sired halter and performance champions, such as bronze performance medallion-earner Diamond Splash.

By the early 1980s, both King Plaudit and many of his get had more than proven themselves as serious show ring competitors, as well as quality producers. King Plaudit’s final foal crop was born in 1983, but his get could be found in the show ring long after his last foals were born. Today, many horses with pedigrees tracing to King Plaudit continue to bring in the ribbons.

King Plaudit sired 437 ApHC-registered horses, which earned a total of 413 performance points, 117 halter points, 21 Registers of Merit, and four bronze medallions. Although famous horseman H. J. Henry "Hank" Wiescamp of Alamosa, CO had a first love with the Quarter Horse breed, by blending that blood with Old Fred families carrying the Appaloosa color, he was able to breed what many think were the two top ApHC stallions ever. *Thanks to Glen Wadsworth for researching this data.




Author: Darol Dickinson