Bright Eyes Brother

Bright Eyes Brother 11391


Bright Eyes Brother ~~ For some reason the "Brother" was in my back yard for about 10 years before Cecil Dobbin called and asked me to do a photo shoot. By this time I think he was about 18 years old and starting to get low-backed with age. He had been photographed from a side view many times and with age that was not an option. I concentrated on front and rear shots so the back did not show.

He was a striking stallion and getting his ears up was not a problem. This shot was taken right south of Cecil and Helen's house, NW of Peyton, CO. Once Cecil said he had never seen Brother laying down -- never. He slept on his feet. He was always on the muscle.

The day this photo was taken the wind was blowing hard, as it often did on the prairie of eastern Colorado. We had to stand him at an angle so the wind did not mess up the tail and mane. Cecil gave me a breeding to Brother that day and I always thought I would have the perfect mare to mate with him and I never did.

Helen was a good cook and fed herds of horse people over the years while Cecil told stories and laughed the laugh that only he owned. It was always a joy to eat her cooking. In fact I first met Ed Roberts with his suburban load of kids there at Dobbins. Back in those days Ed was Appaloosa Youth Director and the organizer best ever.




Author: Darol Dickinson