Pasamonte Paul

Pasamonte Paul 11397


Pasamonte Paul AAAT - born in 1960, a son of Suggested TB by Requested. His dam was a daughter of Gold Dust Shoemaker by Nick. Pasamonte Paul was World Quarter Running Aged Stallion in 1964 earning 66 AQHA racing points. His grand sire, Requested was also the sire of Custus Rastus.

Wiescamp bought Nick Shoemaker, the sire of Skipper W, several Gold Mount daughters, and also Plaudit mares from Warren Shoemaker. Hank tried to buy anything that went back to Bright Eyes. When I talked "horse" with Warren he would unaffectionately refer to Hank in derogatory comments. When I talked about Warren to Hank he thought it was "amateur" that Warren would sell his best stock at any price -- Hank cherry picked them all, for years. However, as Warren was critical of Hank's genetics and ethics, one of his best purchases was Great Chance from R. Q. Sutherland. Great Chance was by Skipper W and raised by Hank.

Wiescamp acquired Pasamonte Paul and bred him for some period of time. He was a no-brainer for the job. He was a half out cross to Wiescamp genetics, but filled with Shoemaker-Nick blood to keep him from being a complete out cross. It was told that Wiescamp was watching the races at Raton and spotted Pasamonte Paul walking on the track. He told the person next to him, "That's him. I need to get that horse." And, he did.

This photo was taken at Sunland Park, El Paso on the shed row. When I heard Wiescamp wanted him I needed badly to see what was on his mind for the next genetic step. I looked him up and took a few photos just to remember him. Pasamonte Paul was the most extreme horse I had seen. His profile was chillingly correct. His shoulder and hip slope were awesome. He was a big powerful stallion and had a stride of unbelievable distance. The list of great runners that he bested would fill the page on a yellow tablet.




Author: Darol Dickinson