Major Plaudit

Major Plaudit 11402


Major Plaudit ~~ born 1966, by Red Plaudit and out of Skips Peavy by Peavy Bimbo. Skips Peavy was out of Scotch Bim by Bar Mount and out of Scotch Skip by Skipper W.

Clarence Danielson called and ask me to fly to Williston, ND. He picked me up at the airport. The river there was many miles wide; so much water you would think you were crossing Lake Pontchartrain. We drove on to Watford City, to do a photo shoot of his Appaloosas, including Major Plaudit. We drove about 40 or 60 miles to his ranch in the rolling hills on top of the Little Missouri River break's north rim. It was beautiful country with an erosion stab wound a thousand miles long in the Missouri River tributary system. It was cattle country. It was tourist country with the Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l Park on the river just south of Clarence.

Major Plaudit, bred by Hank Wiescamp was one of the best Appaloosas of that day. He took good shots from every angle. I liked this front shot the best and Clarence used it for post cards. Appaloosas and Pintos are difficult to photograph mostly because of getting a background that gives a clear silhouette. When color patterns go from dark shadows to white blanket hips, white blaze faces, planning the background may be the hardest part. This background was a rich mid-tone and allowed for a perfect pattern showing the good anatomy. Clarence was a good marketing person and got a lot done with Major Plaudit.

After the Major Plaudit work, we located some beautiful river break scenery and shot photos which were used in the book PHOTOGRAPHING HORSES, used for a Farnam Calendar cover, and several magazine covers, including the Appaloosa News. After the scenics were staged, Clarence took me to the Nat'l Park and what did I see but a herd of Texas Longhorns there to help trap tourists. I found I could raise Texas Longhorns with all the colors of Appaloosas, Paints and at the same time add cattle brindle color patterns. People who love wild colors migrate to any species with crazy color. I found Texas Longhorns and Appaloosa people were easily the same people.




Author: Darol Dickinson