DC Eskimo

DC Eskimo 11407


I had to do some business near Washington, DC and decided to stroll through the Smithsonian. I got there before the doors were open. There were residents sleeping on the steps in boxes all along the front marble entry door. I sat down by the sleeping folks, who appeared to own the place, and watched as people were coming alive and rapidly going somewhere. Then my curious eye caught this sight and I took this photo. About a city block out in front of the Smithsonian was some trash as if a human had exploded and was on fire. It was a cold morning and I watched as people walked within 30 feet of this fellow, and the trash, that was obviously on fire and no one tried to put him out. It appeared the fellow was dead and on fire! I thought only in D.C. can a fellow die on the Mall, burn to death and no one is shocked.

Finally I jogged out to the burning fellow. As I got closer I smelled a foul odor. It was horrible. I ask the fellow if he was okay and he said yes. He was an Eskimo who had not shaved since Nixon, laying on a DC sewer vent. The hot steamy sewer was creating a warm heat flow which he said kept him warm all night. He had to fight for this particular "hot spot" as it was considered choice in the area among those types. I bid him a good day and he went back into restful bliss. I took this photo because I knew no one would believe it who didn't live in DC.




Author: Darol Dickinson