Sailors Maiden

Sailors Maiden 11410


Sailors Maiden was born in 1962, a daughter of Sailors Cue out of Bar Y Lady 58 by Greyhound. The "Bar Nothing" was Warren Shoemaker's brand, but the Bar Y was Driggers Land and Cattle Co. Howard Driggers married Joan Shoemaker and they ranched around Santa Rosa, NM.

Over the years my Dad (Frank) bought every good Sailor Cue mare he could find to breed to Silky Fox. Once he bought 6 really nice Sailor Cue mares from Cletus Hullings. Dad was overjoyed to get these pretty mares. Every one died within a year, of colic. The vet posted them and they were ate up with worms. I bought Sailor Cue from Cletus Hullings after the old stallion had seen his best years. I ask if he was fertile and if he was sound -- Cletus said "Yes." When I got him to Colorado he could not mount a mare and none of his plumbing worked. Not at all profitable to deal with Hullings -- it was only a one way street.

Sailors Maiden was a tall, long necked mare, kind and fertile. She produced Silk Stuff in 1969 and Silk Sails in 1970 all sired by Silky Fox. Her daughter Maiden, who was sired by Watrous Last, produced Silk Worm in 1971, Silk Silhouette, and Silk Classic. Silk Stuff was purchased by Kiekeffers of Prescott and hauled around the world. Cynthia Canterbury trained and hauled Silk Sail, Silk Silhouette, Silk Classic and Silk Worm. Lynn Anderson bought Silk Worm and hauled her another million miles. These Silky Fox/Shoemaker blends earned over 1800 AQHA points. These wonderful minded horses created joy for their owners, a nice profit and traveled more miles than a fleet of Greyhound buses. They were sound, smart and moved like a Cracker barrel rocking chair.

When it appeared that the Texas Longhorn business was more financially rewarding then QHs I sold the whole family to Dr. Roy Lee of Texas and I never heard about them from then on. He bought the factory.




Author: Darol Dickinson