Fame We Will TB

Fame We Will TB 11429


Fame We Will TB -- he was selected in Kentucky for Fame Farms of Ione, California by master reinsman, Tony Diaz. Tony decided to find a straight Thoroughbred and make a western stock horse out of him. He went to Kentucky and carefully felt the smooth bars of several yearlings and selected a "good" mouthed dark bay, later named Fame We Will. He was by I Will by Roman. With Tony's easy hands he made reining runs on this long tall smooth moving stallion that were music in motion. He raised a son, Fame We Willie who won halter classes as well as reining futurities all over the west coast.

This drawing was commissioned by Tony Diaz, General Manager of Fame Farms, of Fame We Will. It is a dry brush technique which is very hard. The light and middle gray tones are using India ink with a soft touch, which only touches the top paper grain. There are no mistakes allowed. If it lays on a little dark it is dark forever. It is not something that can be erased. Most artists dislike this medium if they are desiring gray variation tones - it forgives not.




Author: Darol Dickinson