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Dragy Draft
Texas Longhorn Bred_Cow - Dragy Draft - Photo Number: d_3164.jpg
DOB: 5/6/2010; Sire: Drag Iron; Dam: Not Drafty; Color: W/R hd;
She has raised 6 fat calves in 6 years and weighs 1215 lbs without any government subsidies, enabling, grants, stipends, pampering, or coddling. Drag Iron daughters are good investments. Dragy Draft has proven her worth. Preg pos to Rodeo Max (86") She works fast and she don't stink! Johne's test neg.
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Price:  $3300

Giz You A Win
Texas Longhorn Bred_Cow - Giz You A Win - Photo Number: d_5828.jpg
DOB: 4/3/2012; Sire: Clear Win; Dam: Giz Over; Color: W/Bk; Service Sire:Rodeo Max (11 x Bronze Horn Champion);
She is one of the rare few black and white Clear Win daughters. The Over Kill does the black thing for her. She is bred as high as a spotted owl nest in the red wood forest with little more to be desired. She turns the crank the right direction. Johne's test neg. Preg check pos to Rodeo Max or Hooray.
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Price:  $3100

Lots of Time
Texas Longhorn Bred_Cow - Lots of Time - Photo Number: d_1211.jpg
DOB: 5/3/2015; Sire: Lots Of Flair; Dam: Tool Time; Color: R/W spkld; Service Sire:Reckon So;
Notice the planned banding of 4 great sires, Jamakizm, Victory Lap, Top Caliber and Drag Iron. Pretty serious stuff and she has more spots than side-walk chewing gum in front of a Mexican food restaurant. Her horn-roll is started. Preg checked pos Reckon So. Test neg Johnes.
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Price:  $3,100

Naughty Pine
Texas Longhorn Bred_Cow - Naughty Pine - Photo Number: c_6892.jpg
DOB: 5/29/2005; Sire: Winchester; Dam: Dance With Joy; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Rodeo Max (See Reference Sires);
Naughty Pine is one of the big, good Winchester daughters that has done us so much good. Top weight 1260 lbs. Dam of 10 calves in 10 years. Dam of Jimmy Jones' Drag iron daughter, "Iron Ware" ($22,000), Fast Pine, Naughty Pelosi, Naughty Trial, Navajo, Rodeo Entry and Pointed Pine. She is a pleasant trusted factory. She is a one owner cow, so far. Preg checked Pos to Rodeo Max or Hooray. Tested neg Johne's.
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Price:  $5100

Over Fickled
Texas Longhorn Bred_Cow - Over Fickled - Photo Number: d_6980.jpg
DOB: 6/9/2011; Sire: Over Kill; Dam: Fickle Miss; Color: R/W; Service Sire:Jet Black Chex;
Raised 5 calves in 5 years. Her dam Fickle Miss was a donor cow with calves now in several countries. She is straight and Over Kill correct. Advice: Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. Johne's test neg. Preg checked pos to Jet Black. Two free puppies included if purchased by 3-15-18.
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Price:  $5200

Plumb Smoky
Texas Longhorn Bred_Cow - Plumb Smoky - Photo Number: d_6396.jpg
DOB: 5/3/2013 Sire: Plumb Line; Dam: Smoke Screen; Color: B/W; Service Sire:Jet Lag;
What a jump-out-and-grab-you cow. Front pasture this is her. She packages Gunsmoke, Over Kill, and Tempter. Is that a face to love or not? If you are tired of red, white and blaaaa, this is the change you have dreamed of. Service sire: Jet Lag bred 1-1-18. Preg checked pos for fall 2018 calf.
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Price:  $4800
    Sorry, already Sold.   ppxTX

Texas Longhorn Bred_Cow - Teunique - Photo Number: d_5717.jpg
DOB: 3/24/2012; Sire: Winning Sky; Dam: Jest Ove; Color: Brown; Service Sire:Tibbs;
She loves people and cow candy. She will come a city block for treats. She has a short goofy tail. Preg checked pos to Tibbs (80" T2T). Johne's test neg. Will lead with a bucket of feed. Her dam is the oldest daughter of the famous Jester cow. Will eat from your hand at any speed.
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Price:  $2900

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